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This short Personality test is suitable as a warmer, cooler or filler and promotes listening and speaking skills

Preparation[edit source]

Students will need a scrap of paper and a pen(cil)

Procedure[edit source]

  • the teacher announces that the students are going to sketch a drawing.
  • The teacher instructs the students to draw a snake, a tree, a house and a sun in no particular order and within the time limit of one minute (although this can be reduced to 30 seconds).
  • When ready, the teacher explains the significance of each item on the drawing. Optionally, the teacher can also suggest interpretations as he or she reveals each interpretation to supply an example for the students e.g. "If the sun is small or obscured by clouds, there may be an obstacle that is currently making you unhappy or unhealthy".:
    • The sun represents the students´ emotional state, wellbeing or outlook on life.
    • The house represents the students´ perception of their home (or country), their environment and security.
    • The tree represents the students´ relationship with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
    • And of course, the snake represents the romantic aspect of the students´ lives; their love or sex lives (obviously the extent to which you explain this interpretation will depend on the dispositions or ages of the members of your class).
  • The teacher instructs the students to show their pictures to their partner, or to other members of the class, and to help each other work out what the interpretations mean.

Feedback[edit source]

  • Class feedback can be done to share any funny or interesting interpretations.
  • Delayed error correction can also be done at the end if desired.

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