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A phrasal noun, not to be confused with a noun phrase - is a type of noun phrase nominalised from a phrasal verb.[1] This can be either verb+particle or particle+verb. They can be two words, hyphenated, or fully compounded; sometimes inconsistently.

For example,

  • break-in (n) from "break in" (v)
  • rip-off (n) - from "rip off" (v)
  • dropout (n) - from "drop out" (v)
  • warm-up (n) - from "warm up"(v)
  • turnout (n) - from "turn out" (v)
  • turnover (n) from "turn over" (v)
  • outset (n) from "set out" (v) - head is "set"
  • downfall (n) from "fall down" (v) - head is fall
  • onlooker (n) from "look on" (v) - head is looker
  • overturn (n) from "turn over" (v) head is turn

Sometimes there are even two;

  • turnover and overturn both from "turn over".

See also phrasal adjective

Wiktionary has a useful category:[2]