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A photograph /'fəʊ.təˌgræf/ is an image/picture created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, typically a photographic film or light sensor.[1]

Photographs can be used as illustrations.

The word photograph is often clipped to photo /'fəʊˌtəʊ/.

Photographs are often accompanied by captions that give context to the photograph.

The art of taking photographs is photography (with nominal -y); one who takes photographs is a photographer (with agentive -er). Note the stress patterns of these words; photograph is /'fəʊ.təˌgræf/ Ooo, photography is /fə'tɒ.grə.fi/ oOoo and photographer is /fə'tɒ.grə.fə(r)/ oOoo — English language learners often mispronounce these as */'fəʊ.təˌgræf.i/ Oooo and */'fəʊ.təˌgræf.ə(r)/ Oooo, incorrectly adjusting the stress pattern of photograph.

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