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  • Do you have, or have you ever had, any pets? What are/were they? What are/were they like?
  • Why do you think people keep pets?
  • Sometimes people claim that pets give people psychological or physical help. What is your opinion?
  • Think of the positive and negative aspects of owning the following pets. Think of things like companionship, how easy it is to take care of clean and feed, what potential use (if any) it has, how interested other people would be in it etc.
    • A parrot.
    • A goldfish
    • A rabbit.
    • A large non-poisonous snake.
    • A small poisonous snake.
    • A large exotic spider.
    • A white rat.
    • A cat.
    • A dog.


  • Have you ever owned a cat?
  • Are cats ever owned - or do they just tolerate people?
  • What sort of animals do cats hunt?
  • Some people put bells around cats necks so that birds can hear them coming and escape. Do you think this is a good idea?


Main article Dogs conversation questions
  • Have you ever owned a dog?
  • Do you think that dogs should usually sleep inside or outside?
  • Would you have a pet if you lived in a small flat?
  • Should all dogs have to wear muzzles? At all times? Why/why not?
  • Should people be legally obliged to clean up their dog's mess in the street?
  • There are occasional news reports about dangerous dogs attacking people. What could be done to prevent this?
  • What should be done if somebody is attacked by a dog? Should the dog be killed? Should the owner be fined or sent to prison? Why/why not?
  • Should people only be allowed to own big dogs if they (the prospective owners) have passed some type of exam? What form of exam should this be?
  • Some people want to reintroduce wolves into areas where they used to roam. Do you think this is a good idea? What would be the consequences of this? Which do you think are more dangerous - dogs or wolves?
  • Some people say there are no dangerous dogs - only dangerous owners. What is your opinion?
  • Do dogs and their owners start to look like each other?

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