Pedagogical conditional

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A pedagogical conditional is a conditional structure that is taught as part of pedagogic grammar.

In English, these are taught to EFL learners by means of exemplification. This is widely noted as being a pedagogic grammar oversimplification. However, it covers the major types of conditionals, with less common types obvious in meaning to advanced learners who encounter them. They are generally taught in the order zero, first, second, third.

Name Example Factual or counterfactual? Condition time Consequence time Once or many times?
Zero conditional If I get an email, I read it. Factual General General Many times
First conditional If you don’t water this plant, it will die. Factual Present or future Present or future Once
Second conditional If I had a lot of money, I would buy a sports car. Counterfactual present or future Present or future Once
Third conditional If you hadn’t gone running, you wouldn’t have hurt yourself. Counterfactual Past Past Once