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A participle (/pɑ:(r)ˈtɪsɪpəl/) is a member of a word class that verb forms, derived from verbs.[1]

A participle is a type of verbal, because it is non-finite.

In English that consists of the past participle and the present participle. Neither of these terms is related to either time (present time/past time) or tense (present tense/ past tense). Both types of participles can be used in either of the tenses, and can be used to refer to events at any time.

The present participle is used in the progressive aspect, and is a type of -ing word.

The past participle is used in two ways; (1) in the perfect aspect, and (2) in the passive voice.

Participles can make participial adjectives and derived participial adverbs. Again, there are two of these; the present participial adjective and the past participial adjective

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