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Wikipedia (/ˌwɪ.kɪˈpi:.dɪ.ə/) is a general-topic wiki encyclopedia run by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Coverage of linguistics and language learning[edit | edit source]

Linguistics coverage typically takes an "all languages" approach.

There is some coverage of language learning, but articles have to meet stringent notability requirements.

Classroom use[edit | edit source]

Considerations when using unedited Wikipedia articles in class:

  • Articles are often unevenly edited. The fact that different paragraphs, sentences or even words have been added by people from all walks of life and of different nationalities will mean they are not always good examples of correct English usage and, even when edited by advanced English speakers, several spelling or grammar errors may arise. This may, of course, make for useful authentic material when teaching higher-level students or ESP courses for translators, with activities such as copyediting and/or correcting mistakes, etc.
  • Articles can be written in a formal but very dry register. While this is acceptable written English, it might not be a register that you would want your students to emulate outside this genre.
  • Some articles, particularly in mathematics, can be impenetrable to anyone without a maths degree, which is most people.
  • Although generally reliable, there are acknowledged issues[1] with unreliability[2] and systematic bias.[3] In an attempt to address this, most articles come with a "warning label" attached to the top, probably added by a non-expert editor, complaining about something usually "not enough references", regardless of whether that is a problem. Commentary should go exclusively on the talk page, or be commented out.
  • Simple English Wikipedia ( is written in simple English, similar to Plain English, which may be useful in some classes.

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