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Because of the recession, many people are trying to find ways to do things “on the cheap”.

  • Have you changed any of your spending habits in an attempt to save money? For example, have you:
  • Changed the supermarket where you do your shopping or changed the brands you normally buy?
  • Questioned bank or credit card commissions?
  • Altered your habits with regards to eating out?
  • Changed the type of presents you give?
  • Made changes to your exercise regime?
  • Fix things yourself instead of having them repaired by professionals?
  • Considered exchanging skills instead of paying for services? (Bartering) Do you know of any websites that are for this?
  • Have you heard of workaway( http://www.workaway.info/ )?
  • Many companies have altered their pricing policy to attract customers. What examples of this can you think of? (restaurants, furniture shops, service industries, etc.)
  • Have you ever used the “coupon” system, such as Groupalia, Groupon, etc. What was your experience like?
  • Would you ever consider putting up a stranger in your home?
  • Would you like to couch-surf?
  • What other cheap ways are there of staying in other towns, cities or countries?
  • What cheap ways are there of travelling?
  • If a friend of yours wanted to come and visit your town on the cheap, what would you recommend he/she does? Where should they eat /stay etc?
  • Do you ever haggle over purchases? What kind of things do you haggle over? Do you enjoy haggling? Do you drive a hard bargain (haggle to get a big benefit)?
  • Many people are making money by selling their possessions, or buying and re-selling goods, on auction sites such as eBay. Have you ever used these sites? Are they generally good value for money?
  • Would you consider buying anything second-hand? What kind of items?

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