Nominative me

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Nominative me (/ˈnɒmənətɪv ˈmi:/ refers to the use in English of the first person object pronoun 'me', usually only used in the accusative, as a nominative. This usually occurs in the form %"[person] and me did something". For example, %"Alice and me go to the park every day".

Note that English speakers generally avoid using me as a nominative me with a single subject, so not *"me go to the park". Similarly, speakers tend to put "me" last in a list, e.g. %"Alice and me..." or %"Alice, Bob and me...""

This usage is common in everyday speech, but generally proscribed from formal registers. This is because it is often considered illogical to use an accusative pronoun in the nominative case.

It's probably best to correct this to "[person] and I [do something]", noting that *"I and [person] [did something]" is considered erroneous, because generally formal registers are taught.

See also: accusative I, which appears to come from hypercorrection of nominative me.