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NIMBY /ˈnɪmbiː/ is the acronym for Not In My Back Yard, referring to citizens who object to the development of certain facilities they consider would be detrimental to their "back yard".[1] "Back yard" is usually defined rather broadly in these cases and refers to the area in general.

Which of the following facilities would you object to being built in your back yard? Order them from most to least acceptable. Why would you object to the ones you dislike most?

  • a new motorway
  • a casino
  • an airport
  • a waste-water treatment plant
  • a landfill (rubbish dump, garbage dump)
  • a prison
  • a primary school
  • a homeless shelter
  • a shopping centre
  • a wind farm
  • a nuclear power plant
  • a hydroelectric dam
  • a centre for the treatment of drug addiction
  • a mosque, a synagogue or a church
  • a centre for teenage youths with problems
  • a golf course
  • a theme park


  • Banana means "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone".

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  1. "Yard" in British English is an area without grass at the back of a small house, in American English it means "garden".