Neighbourhood conversation questions

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  • Do you still live in the neighbourhood you were born and brought up in? If not, have you ever been back to visit it? Why/why not?
  • In what way is your neighbourhood different from others?
  • How much has it changed over the years? What things have changed for the better and what for the worse?
  • Were there more shops in your neighbourhood than there are now? Are there any that you remember from your childhood that are still open? Are they still run by the same people?
  • How near the city centre do you live? What are the pros and cons of living in a city centre?
  • Are there any parks or playgrounds near where you live?
  • How near is the library/cultural centre to where you live?
  • What sort of sports facilities does your neighbourhood have?
  • How trendy is your neighbourhood? Are there any posh restaurants or shops there?
  • Does your neighbourhood have a grotty part which looks dirty and is very old?
  • Is there a dodgy area of your neighbourhood where you wouldn't walk after dark?
  • What's the traffic like in your neighbourhood? How difficult is it to park?

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