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When people attend language class, they do not only learn a language; they also exchange personal information. It is through this exchange that students practice the language and improve on it. The teacher is not absent from the information exchange. It is a very good idea to draw your cloud on the board and allow the students to make questions to you. For them it serves as a model of what to do, and for you it allows you to know who you will have to help more when they are in teams.


Learning goal[edit]

Students will be able to

  • exchange personal information
  • practice YES/NO questions


No material is needed.




Individually students draw a cloud in their notebooks and write five things about them. It can be numbers such as a year, a date, age, number of children, etc. It can also be words like a name of a person, a month, an event, etc (see the picture for reference). Students usually take some time in deciding what to write. For time efficiency, you would want them to have it already made, perhaps leave the five points as homework.

Once students have finished, put them into teams of 3 or 4 people. One person shows his or her cloud to the team. They ask only YES/NO questions about the information in the cloud. When one person´s cloud is completely guessed, another student shows his or her cloud and the team asks questions to that person.

Example questions:

S1: (shows cloud to team mates - reference image)

S2: Is "teacher" your job?

S1: Yes.

S3: Do you have two cars?

S1: No.

S2: Are there two people in your family?

S1: No.

S2: Do you have two children?

S1: Yes.

etc. . .


Because exchanging information has the highest priority, you could probably allow some questions to be made in their native language. It really depends on the level of the students and you.

See My cloud 2 for a variation of this activity.