Mister Monday & Other Songs for the Teaching of English

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Mister Monday & Other Songs for the Teaching of English is a folk music album by The Solid British Hat Band,[1] a group consisting of Dede Brewer, Gil Eden, Ken Wilson[2] and Michael Klein. Released in 1971 as a Vinyl LP, and later on audio casette, Wilson claims that it wast the “first-ever album of English language teaching songs”[3] and appears to be pioneering in its use of music for teaching EFL.[4]

Each song also explored a grammar point. An accompanying teacher’s book was also provided.

A follow-up album was later released under "Ken Wilson and the Solid British Hat Band" entitled Goodbye Rainbows.[5]


Track listing[edit | edit source]

Side A[edit | edit source]

  1. Present Continuous Baby (present continuous)[7]
  2. Mister Monday (present simple)[8]
  3. Going To (going to)[9]
  4. It’s Only Half Past Three (present perfect + just)
  5. Tomorrow Will Be Wonderful ("future simple" (meaning will))[10]

Side B[edit | edit source]

  1. Alice’s Song (past continuous)
  2. Did You Used To Be Like Me? (used to)
  3. If You Go To Rome (first conditional)
  4. I’m Sitting All Alone (present perfect continuous)
  5. When You Wake ("future continuous" (meaning present continuous with will)) [11]

References[edit | edit source]