Meetings conversation questions

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General[edit | edit source]

  • How often do you have to attend meetings?
  • How formal are the meetings you usually attend?

Are they usually with colleagues or with people from outside your organisation? Clients? Suppliers?

  • What kinds of meetings are they? Sales meetings? Briefings? Negotiations?
  • Do you ever have to chair meetings?
  • Do you have online meetings? What other advantages/disadvantages are there?
  • How effective is the time you spend in meetings?
  • Do you take notes in the meetings?

Mannerisms[edit | edit source]

Many meetings are boring and you probably often find yourself distracted by what other people are doing. Which of the following mannerisms do you have? Which of them do you find irritating if you see other people doing them?

  • Do you doodle when other people are talking? Are the results artistic doodles or just messy blobs? Have you ever seen anyone drawing portraits or caricatures of some of the people attending a meeting?
  • Do you tap the table with your pen/pencil?
  • Do you drum the table with your fingers?
  • If you wear a ring, do you twist it?
  • If you wear glasses, do you adjust them often? Do you take them off to clean them? Do you take them off and use them to point at things/people?
  • When you get really bored, do you start looking at your watch? Do you start shaking your leg, or tapping your foot with impatience? Moving restlessly in your seat?
  • When you're tired, do you rest your chin on your hand? Do you slump, droop or slouch in your seat?

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