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Meat (/mi:t/) is animal muscle that is consumed as food.

English words for meat are often derived from Norman French (see French), as shown in the table below. e.g. When it's running around a field, it's a sheep, but when it's dead and on your plate, it's mutton. This is because the Anglo-Saxon peasants raised the animals, and referred to them by Anglo-Saxon names, whereas after the Norman Conquest the new Norman overlords wanted their menus in French. In most other languages, by contrast, the name for the animal and the name for the meat are the same or only slightly different.

Animal Name of meat Etymology
cattle beef Cognate to modern French boeuf
deer venison Cognate to modern French venaison, meaning game meat
domestic fowl poultry Cognate to modern French poule, meaning hen.
pig pork Cognate to modern French porc
sheep mutton Cognate to modern French mouton

Consumption of pork is a religious social taboo in many cultures where Islam or Judaism is the dominant religion. Consumption of beef is similarly a religious social taboo in India due to the Hindu religion.

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