Mario Rinvolucri

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Mario Rinvolucri (/ˈmæ.rɪ.əʊ ˌrɪn.vɒˈlu:.kri:/) is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer.

Rinvolucri grew up in North Wales,[1] and began teaching English as a foreign language in Athens, Greece. He later was a founder of the Pilgrims language school in Canterbury, England.


(partly complete)

  • Grammar Games (1984)
  • Humanising Your Coursebook (2002)
  • Dictation.: New methods, new possibilities (with Paul Davis, 1988)
  • Once Upon a Time: Using Stories in the Language Classroom (with John Morgan)
  • Multiple Intelligences in EFL: Exercises for Secondary and Adult Students (with Herbert Puchta)
  • Culture in Our Classrooms: Teaching Language Through Cultural Content (with Gill Johnson)
  • Vocabulary (with John Morgan)
  • Ways of Doing (with Barbara Garside)
  • Using the Mother Tongue (with Sheelagh Deller)
  • Creative Writing (with Christine Frank).