Luxury goods conversation questions

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Luxury goods[edit]

  • What would you define as a "luxury good"?
  • In what ways do you think the definition might differ between societies?
  • Have you ever bought or would you ever buy what you thought was a "luxury" good? Why/why not?
  • What exactly are people looking for when they buy luxury goods?
  • Do you think people buy luxury goods because they are better quality than other goods or because they like other people to see that they can afford to buy them?
  • Do you know anybody who habitually uses/wears luxury goods? Are they stinking rich or just rich?
  • If you have any luxury goods, do you wear/use them all the time or only for special occasions?
  • Do you know the price of any luxury good? Are you prepared to pay that price for that particular product?
  • Are there certain luxury goods that you consider essential and others you'd consider unnecessary? In other words, are you prepared to pay through the nose for a gold watch but not for a pair of shoes? For a weekend in a luxury hotel but not a first class air ticket?
  • In a period of economic crisis, do you think that luxury brands suffer the same drop in sales as brands in general?

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