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Lolspeak is an invented internet "language". It is a compound word of "LOL" (an acronym for Laugh Out Loud) and "speak"

Common themes in lolspeak include jokes of the form "Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur related noun." stemming from the phrase "I'm in ur base, killing ur doodz," which has become a common internet meme. This sentences are normally the caption of the picture of a cat. Other examples are I'm in ur sink blocking ur drainage and I'm in ur internet cloging ur tubes.

"I has a noun" pictures show a cat in possession of an object, while "Invisible noun" show pictures of cats apparently interacting with said invisible object. The related "flavour" (spelled "flavr" in lolspeak) shots specifically show a cat (or another animal) licking/eating an item, person or animal (including sometimes themselves) and remarking how "[noun] haz a flavr."

Another common lolcat image displays a cat with a specific look, which is described by adjective, and the text, "[adjective] cat is [adjective]", "[adjective] cat is not [adjective]" or "Your offering pleases [adjective] cat." A version of this is also stated as "adjective cat is not amused", or "[adjective] cat has run out of [noun]" (when the cat in the related picture seems to be feeling the opposite of the adjective used to describe it.)

Photographs exhibiting the red-eye effect might be captioned with text concerning "lazrs", such as "Imma chargin' mah lazrs".

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