List of multi-word verbs: pop

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This is a list of multi-word verbs based on the verb pop. It is intended as a reference for teachers, not as a mere list to be presented as-is to students.

  • pop along (to) - go quickly: I'll just pop along to the baker's to some bread.
  • pop in - brief visit: Why don't you pop in for a coffee later?
  • pop off
  • pop out (to/for)
  • i. go & return quickly : I'm just popping out for a moment to get some things from the greengrocer's.
  • ii. be expulsed: If you sneeze with your eyes open, will your eyes pop out of your skull?[1]
  • pop up - emerge (sometimes unexpectedly): The whales just popped up out of the blue![2] The toast should pop up in a minute.[3]

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