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A waiter bringing food to customers.

Bring (/brɪŋ(g)/) is an English verb.

It has the meaning of to carry something towards the deictic centre, (i.e. "here"), e.g. "Bring it here!". In this sense it is opposite to take.

It is a transitive verb.

Bring is an irregular lexical verb, with the third person form "brings" (/brɪŋ(g)z/), the -ing form "bringing" /brɪŋ(g)ɪŋ(g)/, the preterite and past participle "brought" (/brɔ:t/). Learners may over-regularise these to *"bringed". In certain non-standard English dialects, people frequently use *"brang" /bræŋ(g)/ as the preterite and *"brung" (/brʌŋ(g)/) as the past participle, but this is non-standard.

Bring can have a dative indirect object linked with a to phrase, e.g "I brought wine to him". This can undergo dative shift e.g. to "I brought him wine".