List of multi-word verbs: be

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This is a list of multi-word verbs based on the verb be. It is intended as a reference for teachers, not as a mere list to be presented as-is to students.

  • be about
  • be about to
  • be above
  • be after
  • be along
  • be at
  • be away
  • be back
  • be behind
  • be below
  • be beneath
  • be by
  • be down
  • be down for
  • be down to
  • be for
  • be going to
  • be in
  • be in for
  • be in on
  • be in with
  • be likely to
  • be off
  • be on
  • be on at
  • be on to
  • be out for
  • be out of
  • be over
  • i. move towards: She said they'd be over as soon as they can.
  • ii. be finished: It'll be over soon.
  • set phrases: It's over and done with.; It's all over bar the shouting.; It ain't over till the fat lady sings (It ain't over till it's over);
  • be supposed to
  • be through (with)
  • be up
  • be up against
  • be up and about
  • be up to
  • be willing to

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