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A library (/'laɪbrərɪ/) is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing.[1]

So, for example, things like phrase books, textbooks, graded readers, DVDs, may be available for borrowing.

On a professional level, librarians may need training/assistance in choosing which subject-specific books to get. This might not be particularly easy, especially when said librarian doesn't speak English. Be especially careful of librarians who have pristine copies of classical English literature on their shelves, pristine because nobody ever reads them as they are too hard.

Note that the word "library" is a false friend in many romance languages, where the cognate (e.g. French librairie, Italian/Spanish libreria, Portuguese livraria) actually means "bookshop" and library translates to a set of cognates from Ancient Greek "βιβλιοθήκη" (e.g. French bibliothèque, Italian/Spanish/Portuguese biblioteca).


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