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A few things to consider here.

First off, the size of the group is a big factor. Student's jaws are going to drop as soon as they realize what they have to do, especially the ones towards the end. I usually like to make them suffer just a bit and do not say much. When we are about half way, I tell one student to just say his or her name and the rest of the students do the list starting from that student. For example, if in the list we have John, Sally, Denise, Mike, Brad, Paul, Brenda, etc.. and Brenda is the student in the middle of the class, everyone after Brenda will start the list with Brenda. After this happens the rest of the student relax and do it with no problem.

Another thing to consider is how students keep track. To make it really challenging, you could instruct students to rely only on their memory. They will really be working hard at memorizing the names. To relieve the stress a little, you could tell them to take notes. I personally prefer to not let them take notes. It is more meaningful if they ask directly opposed to checking a list of names.

Helping memory and having fun. I have found that students memorize each other's names faster if the name is said with a certain tone. I would start of by saying my name in a really enthusiastic way. I, then, would encourage the next person to do the same but in whatever tone he or she would prefer, be it happy, sad, amazed, embarrassed, etc. It doesn't take much for them to understand this. Just by putting the example they follow along. --Eddiekar72 16:25, 27 June 2007 (CDT)


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