Lesson:What do you like?

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  • 5 min, 10 min
  • preschool, kinder, primary school, middle school, high school


  • 3X3 Bingo cards one for each student


Pre-teach the vocab "What do you like?" & "I like ..." using some form of Category:Vocabulary activity.

Part A - Create the bingo card[edit]

  1. Give each student a 3×3 Bingo card
  2. In the middle square they write something they like. For added complexity, written in their first language or a picture.
  3. When the buzzer goes off (or a "Go!" command is yelled), in English the students ask "What do you like?". The response is the middle word "I like ...".
  4. The asker student writes that persons like in a free square, and continues to other students.

NB: If the answer is already written down, it can't be written again. All the squares must be unique, including the middle square.

Part B - Let's Bingo![edit]

Ensure everyone fills all spaces and now keeps their Bingo card ready to play. Have a way of selecting 1 or 2 people. (If it is one person they choose a partner).

  • 2 balls and music, when the music stops those are the two.
  • Spin something in the middle of a circle
  • 2 chairs short for the whole class, and play musical chairs

The 2 students run through this type of conversation

  • "Hello, What do you like?"
  • "I like ........ What do you like?"
  • "I like ......... Thanks, bye"
  • "Bye"

Every class member is allowed to cross off those two 'likes' from their bingo card.
The winner is the first to Bingo (i.e. 3 across, down or diagonal)

Communicative demonstration[edit]

"What do you like?" and the answer "I like ..." must be pre-taught.

  1. Have a large 3×3 Bingo card on the board
  2. Write your like in the middle square and say "I like " + the middle square word, to the class (pointing at the middle square.
  3. Ask the whole class "What do you like?"
  4. Allow for a little bit of thinking/shouting time of likes. Then call one student (preferably by name) to the front. Ask "What do you like?".
  5. Write the answer in a free square on the board.
  6. Repeat this with a 2nd and then a 3rd student. Speed up the fill-in process by calling by name or pointing at the student, but the student remains in his/her seat.

Run with Part A above and have everyone sit down again.

  1. Run the students through the conversation. Maybe also a little practise with their partner.
  2. Arrange students in a circle (say we run the 2 ball + music game).
  3. Play music and throw a ball to a student. Encourage both ball holders to keep throwing the ball to anyone. Alternative to ball throwing is passing to the next student.
  4. Stop the music and say "stop!" (also note the two students with the ball).
  5. Get the two students to stand up or come into the centre of the circle and run through the dialog.
  6. Show on the board the cross-out of one of the 'likes' (add one of the 'likes' if needed).
  7. Encourage the whole class to cross-out the two 'likes'.

If they've never seen Bingo! before:

  • Go back to the board and show a winning Bingo sheet. Cross out 3 in a line, and write "BINGO!" on the board. Jump up-and-down with hands in the air saying "Bingo!" (please note, the jumping is optional). Disclaimer: If you damage something or yourself from jumping, it's your own silly fault.