Lesson:Name chain

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Name Chain

  • lesson warm-up
  • speak listen grammar
  • 20min
  • middle_school high_school postgrad adult
  • game

Here is an activity that gives practice to students on learning each other's names, and on possessive adjectives. While the activity is in progress, reinforce what the students are saying by pointing to the phrase connection on the board and or to the student being mentioned. If a student's name is forgotten, don't panic. Ask the student directly what his or her name is and then resume with the list.

The game is about practicing and learning each other's names, not about feeling stressed in the process.


Learning goal[edit]

Students will be able to

  • learn each other's names.
  • be mentally agile and use their memory.
  • practice possessive adjectives (my, his, her)
  • ask for and say other people's name.


None needed. If you want to, print the Name chain image



With one hand point to yourself and use the other to follow the appropriate phrase connection on the board.

T: My name is Eduardo. What's your name?

S1: Your name is Eduardo. My name is Roger. What's your name?

S2: His name is Eduardo. Your name is Roger. My name is Wendy. What's your name?

S3: His name is Eduardo. His name is Roger. Your name is Wendy. My name is Tom. What's your name?

Students continue saying the names and adding to the end of the list until everyone in the class has participated.


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