Lesson:How are you, Monster?

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This is like a variation on "What's the time, Mr Wolf" practising "How are you?" and adjectives.


  1. Students line up on the "safe wall" (teacher in the middle)
  2. Students are told they want to get to the other side because there's a sweet shop with all the lollies they can eat.
  3. BUT - there's a monster in the middle (the teacher)
  4. Ask, "What's the monster's favourite food?" - answers will come in. Then tell them, "Little girls and boys." are the favorite food!
  5. The monster will only let people through if he is happy, "OK." "Good." "Fine." etc. If he is hungry, he'll eat you -- and you must run back to the 'safe wall'. [If Monster tags you before you reach safety, you are "eaten", become a monster and join the monster in the middle?]
  6. "How do we check the monsters mood?" answer="How are you, Monster?" (Fake a few, "I'm sorry." to get them louder.)


Students (initially on safe wall)
"How are you, Monster?"
"I'm OK/good/happy/great/etc." (Students can take one step forward.)

Repeat, until,

"How are you, Monster?"
"I'm HUNGRY!" (All the kids run back to the "safe wall" while the Monster/s try to tag more monsters.)
[B, do tagged/eaten kids turn into monsters in this scheme?]