Lesson:Future (will/shall) flip prompts

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This flip prompt activity provides fast and intense (semi)controlled practise of the future tense: "will" for spontaneous decisions, and "shall" for spontaneous offers.


  • Copy and cut up one set of flip prompts from the following table for every three students in your class:
Help! I´ve broken my leg! Sorry, I´m too busy to chat at the moment. Ouch! I´ve cut myself!
Don´t forget it´s Helen´s birthday next week. I asked you to tidy the apartment. I think the baby´s crying.
That´s the doorbell. Quick! There´s been a road accident! Oh no! The photocopier has broken down!
I really need help to finish this report. The cat looks really hungry. The horses look thirsty.
We need rice and a lettuce for dinner tonight. I need to get to the train station a.s.a.p! The internet isn’t working.
I can´t get to sleep. This party is boring; I´m going home. I have to move house next week and I need help
I´m going away I don´t know anyone who can look after my cat. Oh no! We´ve run out of petrol. It´s very hot in here.
Please help me; I´ve lost my iguana. The floor´s very dirty. I don´t feel very well
I don´t know how to play chess. The programme is starting in a minute. This suitcase is really heavy.
You´ve left the door open again. It´s a secret! It´s very dark in here.
I´m too tired to do the washing up. I need to call my lawyer. I don´t have enough cash to buy the revolver.


  • Form groups of three and hand out a stack of the prompt tabs to each.
  • Taking turns, a member of each group flips over a prompt and reads out what ios written on it.
  • The other two students in the group then respond, one using "will" and the other "shall". For instance, if the prompt reads "I don´t have enough cash to buy the gun", possible responses might be "Oh, shall I lend you mine?" and "Don`t worry, I`ll lend you the money".
  • The teacher monitors, eliciting and drilling corrections.
  • On finishing early, a group can repeat the task, changing key information on the prompts e.g. they might change "I have lost my pet iguana" to "I have just bought a pet iguana".

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