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Finding students ESL games involves the students in talking to other students to discover information they have in common or need.

Some of the objectives and methods of the games in this article may overlap with those of other games included in other articles.

Find someone who...[edit]



  • This can be adapted to any topic. If the theme of the week were education, students are given a list with, for example:

Find someone who … likes school; hates school ; is good at maths, etc.

Students stand up and ask each other questions and try to find at least one person for each sentence.

Find your partner[edit]


  • Speaking practice.


  • There are lots of possible variations. Each student has half a sentence or compound noun, for example, and has to find the person with the other half by moving around the room saying his word or sentence until s/he finds his/her partner. The words or sentences are given out to the students on cards but the activity often works better if the cards are collected in before the students start looking for their partner; that way they have to speak rather than just show each other their cards.

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