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Disambiguation: see learning.

Learn (/lɜ:(r)n/) is an English verb. It’s an education-related verb.

Learn is ambiregular verb. It has the third person form "learns" /lɜ:(r)nz/, the -ing form "learning" (/lɜ:(r)nɪŋ(g)/). It has a regular preterite and past participle "learned" (/lɜ:(r)nd/ or /lɜ:(r)nt/). In Commonwealth English this can be spelt "learnt" /lɜ:(r)nt/. A person who learns is a learner.

Learned as a past participial adjective is often /lɜ:(r)nəd/ and may be spelt "learnèd" with è. It’s nominalised as "learning".

The /r/ sound is usually dropped from non-rhotic accents.