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Disambiguation: for that which is known see knowledge

Know (/nəʊ/) is an English verb.

Some other languages make a distinction between a verb meaning "to know someone" and a verb meaning "to know something". For example, in French, connaître means "to know someone", while savoir means "to know something." English does not make this distinction.

It is an irregular lexical verb, which can be a reporting verb. For example: "I know (that) you are interested in English grammar".

It has the third person form "knows" (/nəʊz/), the preterite "knew" (/n(j)u:/) and the past participle "known" (/nəʊn/). The -ing form is "knowing" /nəʊ(w)ɪŋ(g)/. The inflection is the same as "blow", "grow" and "throw". "Know" is most commonly nominalised as knowledge, rather than knowing.

"know" is spelt with kn a silent K.

Know is a homophone with no.