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A kneeling baseball player.

Kneel is an English verb.[1]

Kneel is an ambiregular verb; it has the third person form "kneels,” the -ing form "kneeling,” and a regular preterite and past participle kneeled, as well as an irregular preterite and past participle "knelt.” Generally speaking, knelt is preferred, particularly in British English, slightly less so in American English.[2]

We often use the phrasal verb "kneel down,” even though this just means "kneel,” similar to "lie (down),” “sit (down)" and “stand (up).”

It is likely that the usage of "he was knelt" rather than "he was kneeling" is also proscribed by some sources; compare "he was sat"/"he was sitting,” "he was stood"/"he was standing.”

Kneel is spelt with the kn digraph representing /n/, hence there is a silent K.

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