Italian plural

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An Italian plural is a plural formed according to the language rules of Italian. These, obviously, are most commonly found in Italian itself. However, there are a small number of Italian loans to English.

Italian nouns are either masculine or feminine. Plurals are formed by inflection, as follows:

Gender Singular ending Plural ending Example(s)
Feminine -a -e
Feminine -e -i
Feminine -o -i
Feminine -ie -ie
Feminine -i -i
Masculine -a -i
Masculine -o, -i (rarely, -a)
  • graffito-graffiti
  • mafioso-mafiosi
Masculine -e -i

Often Italian loans are given regular English plurals, e.g. Italian pizza-pizze, but English pizza-pizzas.

Often however, the plurals are either (1) treated as mass nouns or (2) treated as singular.

In English, graffiti is treated as a mass noun, not as a plural, though in Italian it is plural. [Other examples]