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Ireland (/ˈaɪ(r)lənd/) is an ambiguity that refers to different things in different contexts. "Ireland" usually refers to the island of Ireland, but is also the name of the state that calls itself "Ireland" which occupies roughly 3/4 of the island, but which is often referred to as the Republic of Ireland to avoid ambiguity.

It’s common for Irish people to say "I’m from Ireland" and be initially vague about where in Ireland they are from, though they are happy to clarify.

Furthermore, "island of Ireland" is also ambiguous, as there are several small offshore islands that are politically part of either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, but physically distinct islands, though their relative size and population is so small that in most contexts it doesn’t matter. This ambiguity is by no means unique to "Ireland", as it also affects many other geographical names.

Since this involves identity politics, it’s an area of potential strife.