Independent possessive pronoun

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A possessive pronoun is a personal pronoun used to indicate possession without a following noun.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Type Pronoun
First person singular mine
First person plural ours
Second person singular yours
Second person plural yours
Third person masculine singular his
Third person feminine singular hers
Third person one one’s
Third person plural theirs

They are pronouns in the genitive case. As pronouns, they replace nouns, so e.g. in "It is John’s", John’s can be replaced with "his" to make "It is his". They are related to the dependent possessive determiners; my, our, your, his, hers and their. Both dependent and independent possessive determiners form a class of possessive determiners.

Third person singular independent possessive pronouns are very infrequently used; speakers may identify "its" and "one’s" as filling these slots. However, we tend not to say ?"that is its", or ?"that is one’s".

The English archaic thou form, the independent possessive pronoun is "thine".