Hobbies conversation questions

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These are some conversation questions about hobbies.


  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Did you use to have a hobby?
  • Do you like practicing sports, playing a musical instrument, dancing, or singing?
  • Do you take or have you taken lessons in anything?
  • Is there a hobby you would like to take up?
  • Do you like to discover new places?


  • Do you collect anything as a hobby?
  • Did you use to collect anything as a child?
  • Is there anything silly you collect?
  • Is there anything you would like to collect?
  • If money weren't an issue is there something you would like to collect?
  • Why are hobbies or collecting things relaxing?


A drone is an unmanned aircraft vehicle. In this section we are talking about quadracopters, small flying devices with four propellers.

  • Have you ever seen a drone from a short distance? Have you seen its operator?
  • If you had the money, would you buy a drone?
  • What's the most interesting use of a drone?
  • Photography, video
  • Racing
  • Moving things
  • Should people need a licenceBrE/licenseAmE to fly a drone?

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