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Historic present

From Teflpedia

The historic present involves use of the present tense to describe events that happened in past time, as opposed to the more usual historic past.[1][2]

Example[edit | edit source]

Here is a text using the historic present that summarises the events between the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the outbreak of the First World War:

Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in 1914, tensions rapidly escalate between the major European powers. Austria-Hungary demands justice and issues an ultimatum to Serbia, which is rejected. In response, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, and their ally Germany mobilizes its army to support them. Russia mobilizes to defend Serbia, prompting Germany to declare war on Russia. France, bound by treaty to defend Russia, mobilizes its army, and Germany declares war on France. The British Empire, allied with France and Russia, enters the conflict, declaring war on Germany. The First World War begins, engulfing the world in a devastating conflict that will last for years and leave millions dead.

References[edit | edit source]