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Add page to Category[edit]

To add a page to a Category, add the Category's tag at the page's bottom like this:

[[category:name here]]

This puts the page into that Category and links to the Category at page bottom.

Use sentence case for Category names; they are case sensitive and sentence case names is Teflpedia convention.

Put as many Category tags as appropriate at page bottom, like this:

[[category:young learners]]

It adds the page to all those Categories.

Category links will appear at page bottom no matter where on the page you put them. By convention we put them in the wiki text at page bottom so that everyone can find them.

Follow one of those new Category links at the page's bottom and you'll find the page is now listed in that Category!

Category name convention[edit]

Please use plural form when tagging a page with a category

       teachers      teacher
       books         book
       roll plays    roll play
       verbs         verb

This will reduce overproduction of identical categories. Thank you!


Only the first letter of Category and of Name is case insensitive
[[category:young learners]] = [[category:Young learners]]
[[category:young learners]] ≠ [[category:Young Learners]]

Link to Category[edit]

To only link to a Category in text (not add the page to the Category), use a lead color (:) like this:


Otherwise the link shows up at page bottom instead of where you typed it!

Orgavisation of categories[edit]

This need work. Roger may be able to install some software on the wiki that might help. He is working on it...


To list a Category:2 in a Category:1's Sub-category section, put Category:1's tag on the editable page top area of Category:2. Done.

Category:activities is an example of a Category that has several Sub-categories listed in it. Each of those Sub-categories is a regular Category itself, treated by the wiki exactly like any other Category, except it is also listed among the Sub-categories on Category:activities. Pages in such Sub-categories do not appear in Category:activities. They only appear on the relevant Sub-category page.

A Category's list of Sub-categories, if it has any, appears above the list of pages in the Category.