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Hedging is a functional strategy that uses a word or phrase to avoid having to make a definite statement or commitment. Hedge words may also sometimes be used as fillers.[1] Hedging is considered "correct" when writing up studies for the APA, for example,[2] but the media tend to use overuse it.[3]

Tarja Nikula describes it as a strategy used by speakers to mitigate and soften their utterances.[4]

Typical hedge words[edit]

  • about
  • allegedly
  • apparent
  • basically
  • fairly
  • frequently
  • generally
  • hardly
  • like
  • may
  • maybe
  • might
  • often
  • possibly
  • probably
  • quite
  • rather
  • scarcely
  • seldom
  • usually
  • virtually

Typical hedge phrases[edit]

  • I don't remember
  • I'm not sure
  • I think
  • just about
  • More or less


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