Hearing impairment

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A hearing impairment is a sensory impairment affecting hearing.[1]

Hearing naturally declines with age.

Language teachers may have to take special steps to ensure that hearing impaired students are able to hear, such as having them sit at the front of the class, or using assistive technology. Those affected by hearing loss may not realise their impairment, but signs that a teacher would notice in a student include (1) the student speaking too loudly (2) and student not responding appropriately to questions or instructions due to mishearing.

Hearing loss also affects some teachers, and as hearing is important for teaching, it’s important to look after your hearing and seek appropriate assistance if you need it. Unfortunately, classrooms can be noisy places and noise may exceed safe limits.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The term hearing loss is also used though that has a different meaning, i.e. the decline of hearing