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Co-ordinated gender pronouns

From Teflpedia

Co-ordinated gender pronouns are gender pronouns that are co-ordinated. In English, these can be used for describing a person in the third person singular if the gender of the person is unknown, unclear or unimportant. This combines the forms of the third person masculine singular and third person feminine singular. There are different ways of doing this, as follows:

Type of pronoun Pronoun with slash Pronoun with or
Subject pronoun he/she he or she
Object pronoun him/her him or her
Dependent possessive determiner his/her his or her
Independent possessive determiner his/hers his or hers
Reflexive pronoun
  • himself/herself
  • him/herself
  • himself or herself
  • him- or herself

Note that in speech, it’s probably best avoiding saying "heshe" as that is a transphobic slur typically used against transgender women[1] - though this may be used innocently.

Alternatives include singular they or common he.

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