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From Teflpedia

H (/eɪʧ/ lower case h), or aitch is the 8th letter of the Latin alphabet, as used in English, and the 6th consonant letter. It is usually pronounced /eɪʧ/, though in the Republic of Ireland and increasingly in the UK it is pronounced %/heɪʧ/, in which case its name may be written %"haitch.”

H h

H makes the consonant monograph ⟨h⟩. It also makes the consonant digraphs ⟨ch⟩, ⟨gh⟩, ⟨ph⟩, ⟨sh⟩, ⟨th⟩, and ⟨wh⟩. It also forms vowel digraphs ⟨ah⟩ ⟨eh⟩, ⟨oh⟩, ⟨uh⟩, the vowel trigraphs ⟨igh⟩ ⟨ugh⟩ and vowel tetragraphs ⟨ough⟩ and ⟨eigh⟩.