Grammatical marker

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A grammatical marker is a morpheme (free or bound) that indicates the grammatical function of the marked word, phrase or sentence.[1]

In English, generally speaking:

  1. Nouns (except pronouns) are marked for grammatical number, possession (and if not possessed, definiteness) and sometimes gender.
  2. Pronouns are sometimes marked for grammatical number and sometimes gender, but overlaps between pronoun domains mean they're not always clear.
  3. Verbs are marked for tense and grammatical aspect
  4. Modifiers are marked as being adjectives or adverbs, and in plain, comparative or superlative forms.
  5. Function words, such as grammatical articles, prepositions and conjunctions always act as markers.

It is worth noting that words may possess grammatical properties (such as number or gender), but not be marked for them.