Getting to know you conversation questions

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These are really general ELT icebreaker conversation questions. Unlike many of our other conversation questions they are pretty basic.

Getting to know you[edit]

Personal details[edit]

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Where are you from?


  • Do you have a big family?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  • Are they older or younger than you?


  • Do you have a pet?
  • What do you think of pets?
  • What is your pet's name?


  • Do you work?
  • Where do you work?
  • Where would you like to work?
  • What jobs are you interested in?

Secondary and primary school[edit]

  • When you were young, what was your favorite subject?
  • Do you still remember your friends from school?
  • How were you back in school? Were you quiet? Studious? Troublemaker?


  • What kind of things are you interested in?
  • Do you have any hobbies?


  • What is your goal in life?

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