French as a foreign language

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French as a foreign Language involves French as a foreign language.

In French, français langue étrangère (FLE) is equivalent to EFL. There is also a term for French as a second language, français langue seconde (FLS) parallel to ESL. "Teaching" is enseignement, so "enseignement du FLE", whereas learning is apprentissage so "l'apprentissage du FLE".

Most language teaching methodology and language testing methodology for teaching French is similar to teaching English. French shares with English the property of often not being particularly easy to read due to in French’s case lots of silent endings. Discourse is also broadly similar. However, French grammar is somewhat different to English grammar.

According to linguistic demography, French is the second most commonly studied foreign language, after English, with in 2015 an estimated of 82 million learners[1]

French is the primary foreign language in the UK, and a second language in most parts of Canada; consequently many British and Canadian EFL teachers will have language learning experience from FLE.

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