Fortunately, unfortunately

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Fortunately, unfortunately is a parlour game.

Each player adds a sentence, with odd-numbered players adding "unfortunately, + sentence", and even-numbered players "fortunately, + sentence", e.g.

  • One person begins with a sentence (e.g., One day Little Johnny walked to the local shoe shop).
  • The next person tells of something unfortunate that happens (e.g., Unfortunately, Little Johnny was hit by a car.).
  • The following person contributes a fortunate event (e.g., Fortunately, the car was made entirely of marshmallows).
  • The fourth person will contribute an unfortunate event (e.g., Unfortunately, Johnny was allergic to marshmallows.)
  • The fifth person will contribute a fortunate event (e.g., Fortunately, Johnny didn't eat any of the car.)
  • etc

This can be played as a form of memory chain by having players repeat what was previously discussed.