Folklore conversation questions

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Folklore /ˈfəʊklɔːr/ refers to the body of tales, music, dance, legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, customs transmitted within a particular population.


  • How important do you think folklore is in defining cultural identity?
  • Is maintaining a cultural identity important, or should we all try to become one global culture?
  • How much folklore is transmitted through schools? Do you think schools should make a point of transmitting folklore or is that the responsibility of each family?
  • Can you think of any traditional proverbs or sayings from your country? Do you know if they have their equivalent in English?
  • How many traditional dances are there in your country? Do you know how to dance any of them?
  • Does your region have any traditional costume? Have you ever worn it? On what occasions do people wear it?
  • Is it still possible to find people, shepherds, for instance, in remote areas of your country who can transmit tales and oral history? Have you met any?


  • In your country's folklore are there stories of:
    • Giants
    • Wizards
    • Witches
    • Dragons
    • Demons
    • Outlaws
  • What other themes are common in mythology?
  • What is the difference between religion and folklore?

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