Final y

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Final y transformation is the transformation of a final y to i which occurs in English after suffixation with two main rules (1) the final y follows a consonant and (2) the suffix doesn't begin with I.


  • Verbs:
    • Addition of plural -s; one lily, two lilies.
    • Addition of third person -s; I fly, you fly, he flies.
    • Addition of -ed; cry -> cried (regular verb forms only)
  • Others;
    • Addition of -ly; crazy -> crazily
    • Addition of -ness; silly -> silliness
    • Addition of -ance; ally -> alliance.

This doesn't apply to suffixes beginning with I, e.g. -ing, which retain the Y, e.g. so that fly -> flying.

This also doesn't apply to roots that have a vowel before the y, e.g. play -> plays (not *plaies).