Estuary English

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Estuary English is a variety of Standard English, spoken with a regional accent and, according to the linguist John Wells, "somewhere between traditional RP and Cockney".[1] It includes the "form(s) of English widely spoken in and around London and, more generally, in the southeast of England — along the river Thames and its estuary".[2]

It was first referred to in 1984 by David Rosewarne in an article for the Times Educational Supplement.[3][4]

Some features of Estuary English are as follows:[5]

Phoneme /eɪ/ pronunced as [ʌɪ]: face as [fʌɪs].
Phoneme /aɪ/ pronunced as [ɑɪ]: price as [prɑɪs].
Phoneme /aʊ/ pronunced as [æʊ]: mouth as [mæʊθ].
Phoneme /əʊ/ pronunced as [əʊ], [ɒʊ] or [ʌʊ]: holy as ['həʊlɪ], goat as [gɒʊt] and loaf as [lʌʊf]
Phoneme /uː/ pronunced as [ʉ:]: goose as [gʉ:s].

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