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Else /els/ is an English word that can be used as either an adjective or adverb.[1]

It's used with indefinite pronouns and wh- words, including independent interrogative pronouns and interrogative adverbs.

As an adjective:

  • What else is for dinner?
  • Who else is coming?
  • Whom else did she see?

As an adverb:

  • How else can it be done?
  • Why else would they protest?
  • When else is he available?
  • Where else can he go?

However, note that with dependent interrogative pronouns, other is used instead:

  • What other time are you free? (not What else time are you free?).

The possessive case pronoun is interesting: who else's may be used at least in BrE, but whose else seems more logically grammatical.

Else also makes compound words, especially elsewhere.

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