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From Teflpedia
A man eating.

Eat (/i:t/) is an English verb meaning to consume food.[1]

Compare drink.

Eat is an irregular lexical verb. It has the third person form eats /i:ts/, preterite “ate" (/eɪt/ but often reduced to /et/); the past participle "eaten" /i:tən/ and the -ing form "eating" /i:tɪŋ(g)/. The preterite and past participle can be over-regularised to *eated.

Phrasal verbs we have a list. e.g. eat out.

“ate" is a homophone with the number eight.

If Chinese students ask "have you eaten?" or “did you eat?" they are not really asking about your lunch but translating from Chinese "你吃饭了吗?" (trad: 你吃飯了嗎? Pinyin: "nǐ chī fàn le ma?" - literally "you eat rice [past particle] [question particle]?), and what they really mean is “How are you?.”